Criminal Law

Any criminal law charge, even a misdemeanor can have serious consequences. If you have been arrested or accused of a felonly or misdemanor crime in Marion County, Florida, Acme Law Firm is dedicated to protecting your rights. Our attorneys are former prosecutors with the state attorney’s office. This experience both in and out of the courtroom, provides our clients with the benefit of keen insight into both sides of a criminal case.

Drug-Related Criminal Defense

An arrest for a drug offense can have significant consequences. Drug offense charges can range from possession to trafficking and can carry significant penalties, including minimum mandatory prison sentences.

The Prosecutor’s process of deciding what if any criminal charges to file can be a very critical stage in the case. This process happens very early in a case and as your lawyers, we can impact this decision.

DO NOT make a statement to law enforcement without consulting us first.

Domestic Violence Defense

Unfortunately, we sometimes hurt the ones we love the most. Domestic violence cases can have serious implications. It is important that you have an attorney to help you navigate the legal system. Our lawfirm is here to help! Contact us for a free consultation.

Expungement in Florida

Call today for a free consultation where we can help you determine whether you qualify for an expungement. If it is determined that you do qualify, and if you make the decision to hire us, we would be pleased to help you get the fresh start in life that you are seeking.

Criminal Felony Defense

Civil Litigation can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you are not adequately protecting your rights. Civil Litigation can be anything from traffic tickets, hurricane insurance claims to medical malpractice. Call or write for a free, no obligation review of your situation.

Juvenile Delinquency

Teenagers and and young adults typically cannot grasp how a bad decision today can produce potentially negative lifelong consequences. If your child has been accused of a crime act quickly to retain counsel.

Misdemeanor Defense

a lesser crime punishable by a fine and/or county jail time for up to one year. Misdemeanors are distinguished from felonies which can be punished by a state prison term. They are tried in the lowest local court such as municipal, police or justice courts.

Violation of Probation

An accusation that one has violated their probation is a serious accusation and can have serious consequences. A violation of probation often results in “no bond” and leave you or a loved one behind bars.

Driving Under Influence Defense

An arrest for DUI can have significant and far-reaching consequences. Some of these consequences can occur unless action is taken immediately (within ten (10) days of your arrest). In addition to the criminal case, the DHSMV will take action against your driver’s license. A DUI consists of a complicated series of circumstances including the traffic stop, field sobriety exercises, breath/urine/or blood testing, and verbal statements. Representation by a lawyer is crucial during this process to insure that your rights are protected. In addition, we represent clients who have been charged with any criminal traffic offense. Some of these offenses can carry significant jail sentences and long term driver’s license suspensions, so it is important to obtain adequate legal representation.

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